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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D15.1. Detailed description of the registry operator's technical capabilities. This should provide a detailed description of the registry operator's technical capabilities, including information about key technical personnel (qualifications and experience), size of technical workforce, and access to systems development tools. It should also describe the registry operator's significant past achievements. This description offers the registry operator an opportunity to demonstrate the extent of its technical expertise in activities relevant to the operation of the proposed registry.

WebVision owns and operates geographically distributed Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and provides a respectable range of IP Value-Add services. Currently two state-of-the-art data centers with advanced physical and network security features are in operation . Both of these IDCs include:

  • Physical Security and Access controls
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Fire Suppression
  • Water and leakage detection
  • Adequate Power and HVAC
  • Multiple UPS and battery backup power
  • Multiple connections to major Internet backbones
  • World-Class engineering and support staff
  • Established Best Practices for both IDC infrastructure and operations
  • Best-of-Breed Technologies support

WebVision has knowledgeable and professional IT resources

Our specialized IT staff is trained in the specific infrastructure components and experienced in the most up-to-date technologies. WebVision has skilled staff members who are familiar with all aspects of the Internet and Systems architecture and as a result finding the cause of a failure is accelerated.

It is important not to underestimate the technical complexity involved in providing end-to-end support for hosted mission-critical applications. WebVision is responsible for the entire process and understands the reality of providing technology as well as timely customer response.

Technical Staff:

Chief Network Architect 1
Sr. Network Engineers 14
Network & Systems Engineers 22
Network & Systems Management 12
Sr. Software Architects 4
Sr. Programming Staff 12
Programming Staff 20
Database Administrators 4
Hardware Systems Technicians 6
Intrusion Detection & security 4
Storage Systems (SAN & NAS) 4
Facilities Engineers 4

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