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Registry Operator's Proposal - TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D15.2.14. Technical and other support. Support for registrars and for Internet users and registrants. Describe technical help systems, personnel accessibility, web-based, telephone and other support, support services to be offered, time availability of support, and language-availability of support.

WebVision uses a fully integrated help desk and trouble log system from Peregrine Systems, Inc. with client support for Java, HTML and desktop clients. This system allows WebVision to customize work flow, problem resolution and escalation based on individual clients' needs. The system is based upon a relational database and supports an online knowledge base for technical assistance to support staff and a large data depository of historical events that can be queried online to resolve problems.

Registrars will be able to use this online system to input and track problem issues. Registrars will also have access to 24-hour telephone support staffed with qualified technical support fluent in multiple languages. This support is available 24/7/365. Because Peregrine Systems is a thin client server-based application, it is easy to extend its reach to different time zones.


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