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Registry Operator's Proposal - TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D15.2.4. Zone file generation. Procedures for changes, editing by registrars, updates. Address frequency, security, process, interface, user authentication, logging, data back-up.

The Procedure for modification by a Registrar of entries in a Zone File is as follows:

All modifications to a domain and derivatives that are entered into the zone file are undertaken on-line, either using the signed and encrypted email technique or the ERRP. The Registrar, using the ERRP with the same authentication methodology to that employed earlier, undertakes the changing and the entry in the zone. All modifications are undertaken on-line in close to real-time in the Primary database(s) to enable the update to filter to and update the Zone File. The reason for “close to” real time is due to the distributed system replication techniques used to check the integrity and validity of each modification. The process of updating uses ERRP and the same high level of security. The zone file is generated every 12 hours and where the size of the zone becomes too large for efficiently re-stating the names demon we will implement incremental updates of the Zone file. All modification are logged as part of a full audit trail as part of our security and best practice procedure. All audit trail information is backed-up.


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