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D15.2.5. Zone file distribution and publication. Locations of nameservers, procedures for and means of distributing zone files to them.

WebVision intends to enter into dialogue to use where possible the Secondary Servers already deployed by Internet Computer Bureau in New York with UUNET, Amsterdam with RIPE, Antwerp with EUNET, Tokyo with NTT, Melbourne with University of Melbourne, Nairobi with Africa Online and in the UK.

In addition we plan to introduce additional servers as part of the TLD rollout.

During the initial phase we envisage the number of domains registered will be such that transfers to the secondary name servers may be facilitated and controlled via the standard AXFR. As the number of domains increases we envisage compressing the zone file for transit, then once at the Secondary, to decompress the file to enable us to optimize the efficiency of the zone file update mechanism.


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