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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D15.2.6. Billing and collection systems. Technical characteristics, system security, accessibility.

WebVision uses a fully integrated Client-Server ERP System for Customer management, sales and order entry, billing, accounts receivable and collections.

This system has a browser based front-end in addition to the standard Desktop client. The system allows WebVision to create specialized Business Processes to accommodate on-going changes in workflow and business practice integration. Other features of the System include:

Enterprise Budgeting, General Ledger, Asset Management

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Employee Expense, Currency Management, Human Resources, Resource Skills Tracking and Training, Benefits, Title & Position Management, Time and Attendance, Web-based Time Entry, Procurement

Requisitions, Purchase Order, Inventory Control

Invoice Matching & Reconciliation, Tax, Cash Ledger

Order Entry, Work Orders, Project Accounting, Comprehensive Billing that accommodates On-time, recurring, and event-based billing, Sales Analysis

Collections Management and Financial Performance Management.

The security of the system is sound and is based on the Microsoft NT security model with added features to allow System-specific userids and passwords, secure specific modules, system tasks, functions and responsibilities based around creating “Roles”. Both Groups and individuals can be assigned “Roles” that encapsulate the underlying rights granted for that specific role. The system has a comprehensive log of add/changes and deletes in addition to logouts based on pre-defined number of log-on attempts.

The back-end of this system is a MS-SQL server database. The system makes use of extensive stored procedures to guarantee the reliability of transactions and the consistency of updates, deletes and modifications to data in the database tables.


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