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Registry Operator's Proposal - TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D15.2.7. Data escrow and backup. Frequency and procedures for backup of data. Describe hardware and systems used, data format, identity of escrow agents, procedures for retrieval of data/rebuild of database, etc.

Backup will be provided by tape (using our existing ADIC tape library; daily backup of full database contents) and remote data vaulting to a mirrored system in Raleigh, North Carolina (incremental log files are moved to a hot site to keep the hot site as current as possible using EMC's hardware and SRDF software).

Full escrow backup will be performed once per week, with incremental updates escrowed daily. Escrow data will be provided to Fort Knox in Atlanta, Georgia, which WebVision has used for escrow services for more than five years.

The first step in retrieval of data in case of an emergency will be to switch to the North Carolina parallel system site. The second step will be to rebuild locally from the tape backup system. The third step will be to rebuild from the escrow data. These steps are subject to a custom-tailored plan for recovery using WebVision's procedures described in Section 15.2.13.

A photo of our ADIC any media library (AML) robotic tape drive system in our Torrance California data center


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