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Appendix: Deloitte & Touche LLP - Independent Auditor's Report

All information contained in audited financials are CONFIDENTIAL, except for the following:

  1. Balance Sheet

    Note: The audited financials statements are prior to WebVision raising $45 million in a Series C financing.

    Preliminary numbers for WebVision fiscal year 2000 (ended Sept 30 2000)

    Total Assets $52,500,000
    Total Current Assets $25,500,000

    Total Current Liabilities is $14,600,000 consisting of:

    Accounts payable of $6,400,000
    Accrued liabilities of $2,000,000
    Deferred revenue of $2,000,000
    Notes payable of $3,600,000
    Capital leases of $600,000

    Note: a significant portion of the accounts payable liability balance will be soon replaced with a long-term capital lease liability.

    Long Term Liabilities is $900,000

  2. September 30, 1999 and 1998 Audited Statement of Operations (Year End)
    a. Revenues 5,065,939/1,855,108
    b. Total Operating Expenses 6,368,865/2,842,070
    c. Loss Cont. Operations (2,364,775)/(2,468,150)
    d. Net Loss (338,493)/(8,962,183)


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