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ICANN Registry Proposal

NTT Data Corporation

Masashi Taniai
Executive Manager
ISS Promotion Section
Sales and Marketing Division
Public Administration Systems Sector
NTT DATA Corporation
Toyosu Center Bldg.,
3-3 Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-6033

Paul M. Kane
Internet Computer Bureau plc
P.O. Box 4040
BH23 lXW

Fax: +44 1202430580

Date: September 11, 2000

Dear Sir,

Re: Support for Group One's Registry proposal

We are writing to welcome the application for a new TLD being submitted by Group One Registry. Having reviewed a summary of Group One Registry's proposal, we believe it would be of substantial benefit to the Internet community and could stimulate the growth of services available on the Internet. We know and trust the sponsors of this application, and we have every confidence they will make a valuable contribution to the Internet's development.

Yours faithfully


Masashi Taniai
Executive Manager
NTT DATA Corporation


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