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ICANN Registry Proposal

University of Washington

Vice President for Computing and Communications
and Vice Provost

September 29, 2000


I am writing to support the application for a new “.ONE” TLD being submitted by Group One Registry.

Having met with Paul Stahura and Paul Kane and reviewed a summary of Group One Registry's proposal, we believe it would be of substantial benefit to the Internet community and could stimulate the growth of services available on the Internet. We know and trust the sponsors of this application, and we have every confidence that given the opportunity they will make a valuable contribution to the Internet’s development.

The capabilities inherent in the proposal will provide important opportunities for making crucially needed progress in broadly, and more reliably and securely, deploying both wired and wireless forms of the embedded as well as portables devices and appliances needed not only by consumers worldwide but by our health care and research environments.

The proposal sketches a very promising approach to a really important problem and set of opportunities.



Ron Johnson
Vice President for Computing and Communications
University of Washington

240 Gerberding Hall Box 351208 Seattle, Washington 98195-1208 (206) 543-8252


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