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ICANN Registry Proposal

Carphone Warehouse Group plc

September 28, 2000

Mr Paul M. Kane
Internet Computer Bureau plc.


Mr Michael M. Michigami
Chief Operating Officer
Web Vision Inc.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you as representatives of Group One Registry Inc. to thank you for the invitation to nominate a person to your Registry Policy Board and am delighted to be able to accept the offer. On the success of your application we will nominate our appointee and in the interim will be pleased to work with you on the proposal through Ed Moore of our Wireless Internet Portfolio subsidiary.

After having reviewed a summary of Group One Registry’s proposal we believe that it’s aims of simplifying domain addressing for handheld devices will be of substantial benefit to the mobile Internet community. As handheld devices will form the majority of Internet access devices in the years to come a new TLD focussing on their needs will be of great use in stimulating activity, which has our wholehearted support. You are welcome to use our company name in support of this application.

The Carphone Warehouse Group plc is Europe’s largest independent mobile phone retailer with over 1000 stores across 17 countries providing expert, impartial advice to over 4 million customers. It’s pan-European Mviva portal launched in July 2000 (joint owned by The Carphone Warehouse and AOL) is one of Europe’s leading mobile Internet portals.

Yours faithfully,


Charles Dunstone

Chairman & Founder
The Carphone Warehouse Group plc


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