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ICANN Registry Proposal

Dallah Albaraka Holding Co.


Dear Sir/Madam:

We are writing to endorse the application for a new Internet Top Level Domain ("TLD") being submitted by WebVision, Inc and Group One Registry ("The Registry Applicant"). Having knowledge of WebVision's business model and their Private Placement Memorandum ("PPM") proposal, we believe it is a sound, well-considered proposal which would be of substantial benefit to the International Internet community and could stimulate the growth of services available on the Internet. We believe WebVision, Inc. has the necessary Infrastructure and experience in place to manage and delivery quality service for ongoing maintenance of the Registry support.

In the event the WebVision, Inc. and Group One Registry ("The Registry Applicant") application is approved by ICANN, and the new entity is granted the Registry Authority, our con1pany will seriously consider an equity investment in this new entity of up to US $ 5 million (five million US Dollars). We will be happy to work with ICANN and its representatives during the application process to help make WebVision, Inc. and Group One Registry ("The Registry Applicant") proposal a success and also answer any questions regarding our company's involvement in the Registry going forward.



Eyad H. Kamel


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