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ICANN Registry Proposal

British Telecom

pp ADMIN 3/24
B61 Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath,
Ipswich, Suffolk,

21 September 2000

Paul M. Kane
Internet Computer Bureau plc
P.O. Box 4040
BH23 1XW

Dear Sir,

Re: Support for Group One's Registry proposal

Thank you for your proposals about the application for a new Top Level Domain from Group One Registry and Internet Computer Bureau.

We are pleased to confirm our support for this initiative in seeking the assignment of this TLD by the Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Having reviewed the proposal we believe it could be of substantial benefit to the customers for telephony and Internet services, with significant potential to stimulate the growth of new applications.

Our preliminary assessment suggests that there are many details that will require further development if the application is successful and the TLD is assigned by ICANN. We consider that there will be a need for major contributions from telephony operators on the issues which will have to be addressed. We will be very pleased to participate in the development of appropriate policies at a more detailed level.

Yours faithfully

John C Lewis

For Mr M H Reeve Director, Technical Architecture and Standards
Cc: Mr Tony Holmes Numbering, Naming & Addressing Manager
Mr Bhasker Tailor Manager Corporate Strategy


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