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May 2011 New gTLD Applicant Guidebook

The Applicant Guidebook is a comprehensive guide for applicants that describes the New Generic Top-Level Domain program's requirements and evaluation processes. The Applicant Guidebook has been developed and improved through extensive public review by specialized working groups and ICANN's Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. Each draft has been accompanied by extensive public comment analyses, explanatory memoranda and independent reports.

This version contains updates based on community feedback and the recent consultations between ICANN's Board of Directors and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). Building on a three-day meeting in Brussels and many agreed-upon changes in the 15 April Draft of the Guidebook, the collaborative GAC-Board work has continued.

Most recently, designated representatives of the Board and the GAC held teleconferences to discuss trademark protections and objection procedures for governments. The full Board and GAC met in teleconference on 20 May, and the GAC provided written comments on 26 May. Several additional changes have been made based on this latest round of meetings and there were several additional areas of compromise. The Board and GAC agreed to hold another meeting in Singapore on 19 June.

The Applicant Guidebook is intended to be a comprehensive guide and will be regularly updated as aspects of the process are implemented. The Board will listen to community dialogue at the ICANN public meeting in Singapore, and will continue to solicit comments on specific areas.

Below you will find the Applicant Guidebook (in "clean" and "redline" versions), explanatory memoranda on various relevant issues, and the summary and analysis of public comments on the prior Discussion Draft of the Applicant Guidebook.

What's next?

The Board of Directors will consider approval of the New gTLD Program at an extraordinary meeting on Monday, 20 June 2011, during ICANN’s international meeting in Singapore.

New gTLD Applicant Guidebook

Presented in Full and by Module

New gTLD Applicant Guidebook [PDF, 4.81 MB] redline [PDF, 5.76 MB]

Module 1

Introduction to the gTLD Application Process [PDF, 402 KB] redline [PDF, 458 KB]

Module 2

Evaluation Procedures [PDF, 423 KB] redline [PDF, 445 KB]
Attachment to Evaluation Procedures:
Evaluation Questions & Criteria [PDF, 976 KB] redline [PDF, 887 KB]

Module 3

Objection Procedures [PDF, 278 KB] redline [PDF, 284 KB]
Attachments to Objection Procedures:
New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure [PDF, 125 KB] redline [PDF, 126 KB]
Draft ICDR Fees [PDF, 23 KB]  
Draft ICDR Rules [PDF, 30 KB]  
Draft WIPO Fees [PDF, 13 KB]  
Draft WIPO Rules [PDF, 27 KB]  

Module 4

String Contention Procedures [PDF, 402 KB] redline [PDF, 412 KB]

Module 5

Transition to Delegation [PDF, 228 KB] redline [PDF, 232 KB]
Attachments to Transition to Delegation:
Base Agreement & Specifications [PDF, 1.56 MB] redline [PDF, 1.59 MB]
Uniform Rapid Suspension [PDF, 363 KB] redline [PDF, 365 KB]
Trademark Clearinghouse [PDF, 320 KB] redline [PDF, 323 KB]
Post Delegation Dispute Resolution (PDDRP) [PDF, 320 KB] redline [PDF, 320 KB]
Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution (RRDRP) [PDF, 225 KB] redline [PDF, 225 KB]

Module 6

Application Terms & Conditions [PDF, 104 KB] redline [PDF, 106 KB]


Explanatory Memos

gTLD Registry Transition Processes [PDF, 747 KB] redline [PDF, 890 KB]
Summary of Changes to Registry Agreement [PDF, 314 KB]
Board Response to GAC on Root Zone Scaling [PDF, 516 KB]
Evidence of "Use" Requirement for Trademark Protections [PDF, 1.91 MB]
IDN Variants [PDF, 303 KB]


Supporting Material

April 2011 Discussion Draft Public Comment Summary & Analysis [PDF, 1.1 MB]
GAC Comments on the Applicant Guidebook (April 15th, 2011 version) [PDF, 112 KB]
New gTLDs Communications Plan [PDF, 486 KB]
Trademark Clearinghouse Implementation [PDF, 283 KB]

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