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New Explanatory Memoranda and Related Reports

The documents below support and explain the reasoning behind many aspects of the New gTLD Program as described by the Draft Applicant Guidebook, especially the most recent set of changes in Version 4. They are components of the Guidebook and have either informed decisions to reach resolution or are proposals to further the discussion.

NOTE: Most of these documents have a dedicated public forum. To find the appropriate fora, go here.




Trademark Clearinghouse [PDF, 128 KB]
Post Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedures (PDDRP) [PDF, 132 KB]
Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution Procedures (RRDRP) [PDF, 128 KB]
MALICIOUS CONDUCT Mitigating Malicious Conduct – an Overview [PDF, 88 KB]
High Security Top-Level Domain Advisory Group Report [PDF, 772 KB]
Strategy Proposal - gTLD Zone File Access for the Future [PDF, 544 KB]
REGISTRY OPERATIONS & AGREEMENT Registry Transition Procedures [PDF, 640 KB]
Withdrawal of Government Support – Post delegation procedures [PDF, 156 KB]
OBJECTION & DISPUTE RESOLUTION “Quick Look” Procedure for Morality and Public Order Objections [PDF, 48 KB]
GENERAL Market/Economic Analysis [PDF, 336 KB]
New gTLD Program Budget [PDF, 116 KB] (with June 1, 2010 revisions)
New June 1! Draft Project Plan [PDF, 85 KB]
SO/AC Working Group on Applicant Support Paper [PDF, 368 KB]


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