This event took place on 21 November 2013 from 09:30-11:00 ART at ICANN48 | Buenos Aires in Retiro A.
Thu, 21 November 2013 - 09:30 to 11:00 ART
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Retiro A
Session Leader(s): 
Glen de Saint Géry | Secretariat Services and Operations Manager, GNSO
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Nobody should interfere in the specific sovereignty and governance of nation states. Equally it is the sole role, responsibility and privilege of all Internet Ecosystem stakeholders to exercise their sovereignty. So how can the gap between the two understandings and practices of sovereignty be bridged?

What is really needed is the creation of an instrument that allows the two spheres to meet and act together without questioning their respective sovereignty, an instrument that provides a common ground designed to strengthen the specific expertise, inclusiveness, transparency and effectiveness of the individual stakeholders. The instrument needs to be complimentary to the existing governance structures but not part of it. In order to create this vital and necessary support instrument for Internet Governance, the I-Engage Institute has been created.

Who Should Attend: 

All Internet Stakeholders that are interested in solving the challenges of Internet Governance in a constructive and visionary way.

Agenda Details:

  1. Strategic planning 2013-2014 and next steps (outreach and fundraising plans)
  2. Contribution of NPOC to the I-Inform Alliance
  3. I-Inform alliance progress report
  4. Membership-related matters (update)
  5. Charters reviews and amendments process
  6. The Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)
  7. NPOC in the NCSG-EC
  8. Publications of NPOC promotional materials
  9. Financial report and fundraising strategy
  10. NPOC participation to IGF (report)
  11. 1st DNS Forum in LAC pre-icann event (report)
  12. NOMCOM (update)
  13. NPOC website (update)
  14. Participation of NPOC to ICANN regional plans (LAC, Africa and Europe)
  15. Upcoming events: Singapore and London ICANN meetings.
  16. Monthly membership call rescheduling (duration and date)
  17. Participation of NPOC to the ICANN Academy Leadership Training
  18. AOB

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