This event took place on 20 June 2014 from 16:30-19:00 BST at ICANN50 | London in the Thames Suite room.
Fri, 20 June 2014 - 16:30 to 19:00 BST
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Thames Suite
Session Leader(s): 
Jean-Jacques Sahel | Vice President, GSE, Europe
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The workshop, Civil Society in ICANN and Internet Governance, will provide an opportunity for open and vigorous dialogue between public interest advocates who are active both within and outside the ICANN community. From within ICANN will be members of the Noncommercial Users Constituency, which for over a decade has been the voice of civil society in ICANN’s policy processes on generic top level domain names and related matters, as well as other civil society actors from the ICANN community. From outside the ICANN community we expect participants from advocacy and research organizations based in the UK and beyond who are involved in human rights, privacy protection, freedom of expression, access to knowledge, development, and related issues.

Session leaders:
Jean-Jacques Sahel, Vice President, GSE, Europe
William Drake, Chair, NCUC

Key participants: Lea Kaspar, Avri Doria, Matthew Shears, Rafik Dammak

Agenda Details: 

The agenda would be to discuss items such as:

  • The role of ICANN in the rapidly changing Internet governance ecosystem;
  • ICANN’s current drive to become a more globalized organization;
  • The importance of ICANN’s policies for public interest advocates working on diverse Internet issues;
  • How civil society works within ICANN’s structures, and how interested actors can get involved;
  • Brief overview of the ICANN meeting week, highlights of key debates.

The workshop will end with a networking reception from 18:15-19:00. Civil society actors who would like to join us should confirm their attendance via email to Jean-Jacques Sahel (Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for Europe, ICANN) or William Drake (University of Zurich and Chair, NCUC)

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