This event took place on 23 June 2014 from 08:30-13:00 BST at ICANN50 | London in the Hilton 1-6 room.
Mon, 23 June 2014 - 08:30 to 13:00 BST
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Hilton 1-6
Session Leader(s): 
John L. Crain | Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer
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This is a session of the Law Enforcement Workshop that is open to the community.

Agenda Details: 

9:00 Welcome and Introduction
9:15 Carrier Grade NAT
9:35 Sinkhole Considerations
9:55 Botnets
10:15 Report from WHOIS EWG
11:05 DDoS update
11:30 Report from ICANN Compliance
12:00 Lunch Break


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Law Enforcement Agencies Meeting Presentation [PDF 895.08 KB] English