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Re: Clue? (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 15:52:37 -0600
From: Susie Ward <sward@voltage.net>
Subject: Re: Clue?

At 02:46 PM 4/2/99 -0600, Rattle wrote:
>Not only was the tracking number in the subject (as they ask you to do),
>but this was SO late that the changes had already gone thru a week before
>reciving this reply.  It was sent a MONTH ago.  A _MONTH_ to get a
>response from their support.

I had a dialup customer that wanted to move his domain to my servers as
well when he moved here. We sent in 5 email requests and nothing happened
so I made 2 phone calls was told I should fax the request in on the
customers letterhead and it would get done faster that way.  So we sent in
at least 6 fax requests along with 2 more phone calls (this all over the
period of 3 weeks or so during the spamming incident).  Finally we gave up
and he decided to just leave his domain hosted where it was and just use us
for dialup.  Ok fine ... two months later BAM they moved his domain :)

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