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Re: NetSol on crack? (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 99 12:51:54 PDT
From: Lance Julander <lists@terragon.com>
Subject: Re: NetSol on crack?

In reply to 10 Apr message from list@inet-access.net:

>I just registered a group of three domains (one
>name; com, net & org) in 20 minutes through
>Network Solutions.


>Is this some kind of record?  :)

>Hmmm, maybe the catch is that it will take them
>a week to update the db? 

>I'm suspicious.

Be very suspicious.  I registered two or three domains at the
beginning of the week.  I couldn't believe how fast the response
was from NSOL.

The problem is that even though the domains were supposedly
registered, they never showed up in the database.  I went back
and tried to re-register them and NSOL's website said
"Congratulations, the domains are available" (which tripped me
out).  I immediately resubmitted my templates so nobody else
would get my domains, but they were returned with the error
"domain already registered".  I couldn't find my domains in whois
or anywhere else.

....I've been sitting in limbo this week wondering what the heck
is happening and not being able to use my domains names....



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