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Re: NetSol on crack? (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 18:09:27 -0400
From: K Mitchell <mitch@keyconn.net>
Subject: Re: NetSol on crack?

At 03:06 AM 4/10/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I just registered a group of three domains (one name; com, net & org) in 20
>minutes through Network Solutions.
>11:28 pm - completed web registration form at netsol for the 3 domains
>11:29 pm - received domain name registration agreements via email for the
>11:33 pm - sent dnra's to hostmaster@internic
>11:42 pm - received autoreplies from netsol acknowledging receipt of dnra's
>11:47 pm - received notices from netsol of completion of registration for
>all domains
>This may have processed even faster had I checked my email every minute.  Of
>course, they're not visible in the database yet.
>Is this some kind of record?  :)
>Hmmm, maybe the catch is that it will take them a week to update the db?

Exactly. I got a "update has been completed" confirmation letter Wed, 7 Apr
1999 11:31:53 -0400 (EDT), and the changes haven't appeared yet(6pm
Saturday). The person I spoke with yesterday said that they take "up to 48
hours" despite the paragraph in the letter that clearly states:
>All requests completed before 19:00 Eastern time will be included in the
>root server update.  The root zone files are updated 7 days a week.  These
>changes should be visible in our Whois database the following day.

I've since translated the opening paragraph to actually say;
 "The updates, of the domain name shown below, have been completed.
However, it may be many turnings of the sun, or even numerous appearances
of the moon in it's fullness, before we decide to make anyone, including
ourselves, aware of what changes thy modification hath wrought."
 This translation having been derived from the writings of the little known
Roman Emperor Dipshiticus IV.

Best of luck,

Kirk Mitchell-General Manager     sysadmin@keyconn.net
Keystone Connect                http://www.keyconn.net
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