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Re: NetSol on crack? (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 22:34:12 -0700
From: Jeff Lasman <jl-lists@jatek.net>
Subject: Re: NetSol on crack?

Steve wrote:
> I just registered a group of three domains (one name; com, net & org) in 20
> minutes through Network Solutions.
> 11:28 pm - completed web registration form at netsol for the 3 domains
> 11:29 pm - received domain name registration agreements via email for the
> domains

You could have saved a minute (more usually a hundred or more minutes)
by skipping the website, and just sending them a registration
form/agreement.  It's easier, too.

Just save a copy of the registration form/agreement they send you, and
resend it with changes each time.  I've done this for years; it works

> 11:33 pm - sent dnra's to hostmaster@internic
> 11:42 pm - received autoreplies from netsol acknowledging receipt of dnra's
> 11:47 pm - received notices from netsol of completion of registration for
> all domains

I was lucky enough to have some go through at the same quick pace last


I've got some from about six weeks ago that haven't been billed yet.  I
keep calling; they keep promising me they're just behind and won't
release the domains.  Yeah.  Right.

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