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Announcement of New DNSO constituency for Individual DN owners

21 April, 1999

Dear Ms. Schaffer van Houweling,

We wish to form the following constituency in the DNSO:

The Individual Domain Name Owners' constituency (IDNO), to be named the Cyberspace Association.

Joining criteria: Owning a Domain Name as an individual and having sole control over it.
        Both commercial and non-commercial individuals are welcome to join, especially those who  do not see commercial activity or non-activity as the defining reason for participating in the DNSO.

Mission Statement:  To be a voice for the Individual DN owners in the DNSO, to work for their interests and to provide representation for them on the Names Council.

Website with founders' statements: http://www.democracy.org.nz/idno/

Mailing list: to be announced on the website

We request recognition by ICANN as a legitimate constituency of the DNSO.

The Initial members:

Einar Stefferud<stef@nma.com>,
Dan Steinberg<dstein@travel-net.com>,
Kevin Kelly<kevin@kellywebworks.com>,
Steve Page<usdh@pop.ncal.verio.com>,
William X. Walsh<william@dso.net>,
Joop Teernstra<terastra@terabytz.co.nz>,
Jay Fenello<Jay@iperdome.com>,
Arnold Gehring<alg@open.org>,
Dominique Baron<Dominic.Baron@telematix.co.nz>
Michael J.Scott<MikeS@STTIowa.com>
Ed Hightower<edhightower@usa.net>
Karl Auerbach<karl@cavebear.com>

the Cyberspace Association
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners