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[Fwd: [IFWP] Re: Business Constituency]

---- Begin included message ----
Javier Sola wrote:

> Gosh, Michael, excuse me, I honestly thought you new how to read.

It seems that it is you, rather than myself, who don't know how to
read. Aren't you capable of reading and understanding for example
the ICANN Articles and Bylaws, where it is written, filed, and
become the law of that organization that its affairs shall be
conducted with openness, transparency, fairness, and democratic

Have you ever taken the trouble to read and try to comprehend the
constitution of a democratic country, Mr. Sola, and its federal
laws, which make the sort of deceit and manipulation that you are
practicing illegal and punishable, so that persons like you who have
not a moral education sufficient to deter them from engaging in
actions dangerous to the public good may be stopped?

You are an officer, a Vice-President, of an organization - ISOC -
that has publicly declared that it is organizing a counsel within
ICANN, the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency, that is
named and defined in a body of law, ICANN's Bylaws; yet at the same
time you have published on public mailing lists that you are
organizing the Business Constituency within that same organization,
ICANN. This is clear evidence that you, suffering from a lack of
moral education, find no contradiction, no conflict of interest, in
not only participating in but leading these two activities which
anyone with knowledge of and respect for the rule of law that
permits a democracy to function will find reprehensible, even

But what do you and the others conspiring with you to take control
of ICANN care for the rules of society? What difference does the
democratic evolution of the Internet mean to you, so long as your
personal ambitions are satisfied?

Do you see the last two email addresses in the header of this
message? They are of the United States Secretary of State, Madeleine
Albright. Do you remember her, Mr. Sola? She's the person who
stopped you when you tried to take over the Internet in 1997, by
sending the right sort of people to Geneva to put the governmental
posh on your scheme. She and the rest of us thought that you had
learned your lesson; but how could you, when you haven't the moral
education to comprehend what is right and what is wrong, and use the
world, and the Internet, without reticence or care for others, and
only for yourself? 

So you and your co-conspirators in ISOC, CORE, INTA, and the other
organizations that are mad to dominate and control the Internet for
themselves will have to be slapped down once again. Those of us who
are sick and tired of your swinish behavior, and need to spend our
time and energy developing the Internet for the good of all instead
of the good of you and your friends, will see to it this time that
you are taught a better lesson.
---- End included message ----