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www.nominalia.com - Country... Catalonia????

REFERENCE:  http://www.icann.org/posttestebed.html
If ICANN really use to consider countries "ad libitum", as "Catalonia" (a community of Spain), I'm going to suggest to you some other examples:
California (USA) ... now called CALIFORNIA (1st. ex-state of the Union)
  (the URL extension may be .CAL)  for example:  www.icann.cal
Quebec (CANADA)  ...  QUEBEC  www.maybe.que
Chiapas (MEXICO)   ...  CHIAPAS   www.no-tex-mex.chi
St. Patrick In The Fields  ... STPATRICKINTHEFIELDS     www.qwertyuiop.stpitf
and so on...
Catalonia could be a stand-alone country in the future, but NOT today.  At present, Catalonia is one of the 17 communities or SPAIN.

Josť Luis Collado Aceituno