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trademark infringement

   When we tried to obtain a domain name for our corporation, 
Superbyte, Inc., we found that an ISP had reserved the name 
www.superbyte.com and was not actively using it.  When our attorney 
contacted the ISP, he was told that the name would be relinquished to 
us for a substantial price.
   We have challenged the use of our trademarked name and the domain 
name www.superbyte.com is now on HOLD.  This still prevents us from 
using our trademark.  Since the Lanham (trademark) Act was written 
before the Internet was used extensively for business, there are no 
penalties for an ISP holding domain names of trademarks 'for 
    What position does your organization take towards trademarks?  
What can we do, short of lengthy and expensive legal action, to 
obtain the use of our trademark as the domain name, 
    Dr. Leonard B. Zaslow,
    Superbyte, Inc.