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Criteria for the Five

I think that it would be a tragedy if companies that were already
registering names in the Network Solutions Gold Premier program were not
the only ones in the running for the slots. I also think that out of those
companies, the ones that offer web hosting have a conflict of interest and
should be eliminated. This should effectively narrow down the search. I
understand that the ICANN committee is getting heat for being US centric,
but since the majority of the Internet was born in the US and is used here,
isn't it appropriate? The Internet is global already and I do not
understand why it matters where the companies are geographically located.
Why can't the companies just make multi language sites? If you use the
above criteria, it would be the easiest solution and ensure the smoothest
transition since the ones left would already be involved in the
registration process and be the leaders in the field. That is my two cents
in this. It is my own opinion. I would just like to see a fair but
efficient system so that there is true competition among the five and the
consumers win.

Darren Nelson