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Fw: talk to us via the net

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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: talk to us via the net

>Fidel and Raul are sitting in a plane flying over Cuba. Fidel throws a five
>dollar bill out the window and says, 'I have made one Cuban happy'.
>Raul is not going to be out done, and throws a ten dollar bill out the
>window saying 'I've made two Cubans happy'. Fidel, sensing the competition
>then throws out fifteen dollars - 'I've just made three Cubans happy'
>To which the pilot responds, 'Why don't you just throw yourselves out the
>window and make 11 million Cubans happy'.
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>>Hi Esther --
>>With all due respect, may we ask you and ICANN to talk with us via the
>>net instead of via the NYT?
>>I am certain that we will be able to have much better communications
>>via the net, without the distortions of newparer reporting, and the
>>dismay at discovering such reports first in the papers.
>>Communicationg with us via the newspapers is a way to guarantee
>>additonal loses of trust.
>>From your message Tue, 26 Jan 1999 13:36:05 -0500:
>>}Thank you.  The NYT reported that we are *considering* a lottery - and we
>>}are also considering alternatives. We are interested in hearing
>reactions -
>>}which we are now getting!  Please keep writing - and please suggest other
>>}ways to pick five would-be registrars for a test.