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NSI Monopoly FOUL

To:  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,

For some time, "Assisted" Domain Registration Services have 
been placed at the mercy of NetworkSolutions by the ICANN.

Now worse, even the ability to assist registrants in registering 
their domains via the InterNIC is in peril.  The InterNIC website 
has vanished.

What is the ICANN doing to insure that ISP's will continue to 
be able to provide necessary assisted domain registration 
services for their users?

The "InterNIC" is a public trust and must be allowed to survive 
as an independently recognized entity (in operable condition).  

The malevolence of NetworkSolutions is apparent to all and is a 
tremendous threat to free enterprise on the Internet.

Internet users must be free to go directly to the InterNIC website.  

The header on the IANA homepage reads;  "Dedicated to 
preserving the central coordinating functions of the global 
Internet for the public good".

ISPs and IPPs (Internet Presence Providers) CANNOT COMPETE 
with NetworkSolutions and their strong-arm tactics combined with
a monopoly to boot.

I am thankful for all that NetworkSolutions has done to improve the 
InterNIC, but they must be PREVENTED from being allowed to 
continue it's aggressive shut-out of smaller "Assisted Registration" 

The financial impact to companies such as ours will be staggering.

--Michael J Sculley  CEO
CardSecure, Inc.
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