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Dear TMnet,

I have gathered few individuals and an organization to support my proposal
of a "Global" Internet Registry. Since my proposal for a regional registry,
I have been receiving e-mails from two Internet Users. The senders discussed
the present regional registries monopoly over Internet Numbers.

A mailing list, http://i12.listbot.com/, was registered few days ago, and a
Web site, http://thor.prohosting.com/~gifttrek/i12, is being constructed.

"the present regional registries are having monopoly over Internet

In my opinion, the present regional registries aren't having monopoly over
Internet numbers, because there isn't an alternative source for the Internet
Community to obtain the necessary resources.

The organizers of the "Global" Internet Registry, could include
"representatives of regional Internet number registries, Internet engineers
and computer scientists, domain name registries, domain name registrars,
commercial and non-commercial users, Internet service providers,
international trademark holders and Internet experts highly respected
throughout the international Internet community." An Interim board shall be
appointed to take on the management of the transition process, etc.

A new Internet Registry can only be formed if there is agreement among the
ISPs in that region about how it will be funded, who will run it, where it
will be located, and how it will operate. There are also other criteria,
such as having technical expertise, having a not-for-profit, bottom-up
funding structure, etc..

Should you agree or disagree to discuss further, as I am uncertain, please
contact me.