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Electors and Offices

Michael Froomkin proposed,
>  [A] person who accepts appointment to the NC... shall be
> INELIGIBLE to serve as a Director selected by that body directly
> [or indirectly?] during the term of office for which he or she is
> selected.  [Note that this doesn't mean they can't become directors
> some other way!] 
   Whether the talent pool is deep or shallow, this almost begs for 
round-robin politicking: e.g. a DSO-councillor standing for a Board 
position to represent the PSO, a PSO-councillor to represent the 
ASO, etc.  

If even that is prohibited, then we face the prospect of persons 
refusing nominations to NCs in order to be eligible for selection to 
the BoD.   

If the concern is with conflict of interest (or of course the 
appearance of it, which should by now be able to go without saying 
in this entire exercise of democracy-by-design), it might be 
logistically as well as legally simpler to let who will, be a councillor 
and or a director -- and make all decisions at both levels fully 
public. If recusal is appropriate it will soon be clear from the 

kerry miller