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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Proposed by-law amendments


Some very good comments being made by Milton and Karl.  

Michael Sondow  a écrit:"
And you're still worried about the bylaws? How much proof do you
need that ICANN doesn't give a good goddamn about what its bylaws
say? But you're going to go on and on and on, discussing and arguing
over their worthless and meaningless bylaws, while they have stolen
the DNS and are forcing registrants to give up their constitutional
rights? "

We must continue to work to have a written record in place.  At some point the
ICANN board will have to face reality and will not be able to deny the truth. 
They will have to see that they have operated against their own by-laws,
without consensus, and with disregard for their avowed constituencies.  And we
need to have a written record of being the ICANN's "conscience".

I think actually the ICANN board is trying to improve.  We must continue to
voice constructive comments to help the ICANN board come around to the proper

Jeffrey Graber

Jeffrey Graber, MAIP  
Founding Board Member, 
Association of Internet Professionals
( www.association.org )   jgraber@association.org

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