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[Comment-Dnso] NCDNHC charter

This is to express support for the new charter
submitted by the NCDNHC.

The non-commercial constituency has gone through a long
and difficult process of reoconciling differences about what
constitutes the proper criteria for membership. It has also
begun the process of building support among non-commercial
entities around the world. ICANN needs the full participation
of this constituency and should recognize it immediately.

The only potentially controversial aspect of the charter
is the requirement that organizations that are members of
other constituencies cannot also be full voting members of

This provision has been debated and discussed extensively on
the NCDNHC list, and commands the overwhelming support
of the people active in the constituency. Indeed, several
prospective members have vountarily dropped out of the
constituency on those grounds. Please refer to the archives

The members of the constituency recognize that without
this provision the non-commercial constituency could
easily be manipulated by groups, e.g., ccTLDs or trade
associations, that may be non-profit in nature but whose
real economic and political interests are tied to other
constituencies and are represented in other constituencies.
Without this charter provision, organizations such as
universities, community groups, etc. which are not eligible
in other constituencies could easily be overwhelmed
and disenfranchised.

The new charter does not prevent others from observing
and participating in discussions.