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[Comment-Dnso] Re: NCDNHC Application and Information Form - Another "Sister" organization of the ISOC


  It appears that we have yet another of the ISOC "Sister" organizations
here...  Another attempt at stacking the deck perhaps?

mario chiari wrote:

> X-Lyris-Type: auto-responder
> From: get-ncdnhc-application@lyris.isoc.org
> Reply-To: get-ncdnhc-application@lyris.isoc.org
> To: chiari.hm@flashnet.it
> Subject: NCDNHC Application and Information Form
> Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 15:06:46 -0400
> 1.  What is the name of your Organization?
> (in italian) Societa' Internet, sezione italiana della Internet Society
> (Italy Chapter of the Internet Society)
> 2.   Is the Organization a member of any other constituency in the Domain
> Name Supporting Organization of ICANN?
> NO
> 3.   What is the major domain name of the Organization?
> isoc.it
> 4.  Does the Organization have a website and if so, would you provide the URL?
> http://www.isoc.it (on construction)
> B.  Contact information for Representative of Organization
> 1. What is your name and title with the Organization?
> mario chiari. Acting President
> 2.  How can other representatives reach you? (email, telephone, fax
> appreciated)
> chiari.hm@flashnet.it,  proposingparty@isoc.it
> 3.  How is it that you have come to represent the Organization in this
> Constituency?
> consensus of members
> 4.   Are there other representatives from your Organization who will be
> participating in this Constituency?  Is so, who is authorized to vote on
> behalf of the Organization?
> NO (None, until further notice)
> C.  Purpose of Organization:
> 1.  What are the Organization's primary activities?
> See below under C.2. All of our present and future activities are and will
> be Internet related.
>      2.  What are the Organization's primary activities on the Internet?
> >From our Statute. (Articles 5+6+7)
> Article 5.
> Development of the Internet
> 1. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall invite and support Italian experts to take
> part in the development of Internet protocols and standards in any way the
> international Internet Community may deem fit.
> 2. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall undertake any action to ensure that public
> institutions, private companies and any other body or entity in Italy or
> the European Community respects and upholds the independence and
> self-governance of the Internet community.
> Article 6.
> Initiatives and Events
> 1. The "SocietÓ Internet" organises and co-operates in the organisation of
> activities and events - including but not limited to conventions, seminars
> and schools, product and technology exhibitions, acquisition, publishing
> and distribution of information and news, prize givings and competitions -
> that may be of general interest to the public and that may stimulate to
> access to, use, development, knowledge and management of the Internet.
> Article 7.
> Expression of Opinions
> 1. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall express informed opinions in public, which
> may be evaluations, comments, proposals, views, criticisms and
> disagreements, relating to: events, situations, and practices; to the
> drafting of treaties, agreements, charters, resolutions or other
> expressions of international will; to regulations, laws, directives; to
> decisions and acts both of the executive and of the judiciary bodies; to
> the development, drafting, adoption and evaluation of standards and
> protocols; to the development and management of technological,
> administrative and management infrastructures that may be relevant within
> Italy or the European Community relating to access to, use, development,
> knowledge and management of the Internet.
> Wherever such opinions concern questions involving the European Community,
> the "SocietÓ Internet" shall seek to have a common view with other Chapters
> of the Internet Society" within the European Community.
> 3.  Please furnish a statement of how the Organization's purposes and
> activities conform to the NCDNHC Constituency's goals and membership
> requirements. This should be a narrative statement which specifically
> describes the Organization's purposes and activities and may include
> references to charter or by-law provisions.
> >From our Statute:
> Article 2
> General Principles and Goals
> 1. The "SocietÓ Internet" shares the same principles, goals and mission as
> the Internet Society.
> [see at http://www.iosc.org]
> 2. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall act mainly within Italy's frontiers where
> it shall promote the knowledge and use of, and technological, cultural
> social and economic development of Internet. ......
> 3. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall defend the right of every individual,
> association, or social entity to have access to the Internet and shall
> oppose any discriminatory use or management of the Internet..
> 4. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall represent the interests and needs of the
> Italian users of the Internet vis-Ó-vis the international Internet
> community and shall promote the use of the Italian language on the Internet.
> 5. The "SocietÓ Internet" is a non-profit organisation and seeks no
> commercial benefit. The "SocietÓ Internet" shall express no political views
> in any political elections be they local, national or European.
> D. Type of Organization:
> Please furnish information regarding your Organization's
> legal status -- is it incorporated (if so, in what jurisdiction) or
> unincorporated?  If incorporated, doe it have a not-for-profit or
> non-commercial status?
> As yet, it is not incorporated. It will be shortly under Italy law as a
> non-for-profit membership association. (Note: Italian legal terminology is
> different. We are not very precise here, though essentially correct)
> E. Size of Organization:
> The NCDNHC will have two subgroups: one for Large and the
> other for Small Organizations.  Please indicate the category of membership
> or employee size. If the Organization has both members and employees,
> please answer both questions.
> 1. Are you a membership organization?  If so, does the Organization have
> under or over 1000 members?  What type of individuals or entities are
> members of your Organization?
> Yes. Below 1000. Open to all.
> 2. If you are a non-member organization, do you have under or over 200
> employees?
> N/A
> F. Conflict of Interest
> Note: Conflict of Interest may or may not be a bar to joining the NCDNHC.
> The hope is that by circulating information about our views, backgrounds,
> and possible conflicts of interests, others in the NCDNHC will have a
> better idea how to interpret and weigh the ideas that we put forward.
> 1.  For the Organization:
> Please furnish a brief statement concerning any possible conflict
> between the goals of the Constituency and the Organization's purposes,
> functions or activities.
> Has the Organization been involved in Internet governance before? Does it
> have any developed positions that you would like others to know
> about?  If so, please describe below or provide a URL.
> No conflit, as far as I may know or understand. No involment.
> 2.  For the Representative:
> As individuals, many of us have been involved in Internet governance
> before.  If you have any positions on Internet governance that you would
> like others to read about (taken on behalf of this Organization or others
> or as an individual), please feel free to tell us about them or drop a URL
> None at this point.
> G.  Is there anything else you would like to add?
> Although we are a local, country based, chapter of a global association
> which is already a NCDNHC member, we feel we have good reasons to
> partecipate directly in the NCDNHC. If this is explictly barred by NCDNHC
> by-laws, or felt not convenient by a large number of other members of this
> constituency, please let us know.
> H.   To submit this membership form, you must send the above information to
> ---
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