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Registrar Accreditation Guidelines

The dociment says:

"In addition, the proposed accreditation agreement includes various
provisions relevant to, although not necessarily motivated by, trademark
concerns, which should make it possible to implement promptly most of the
provisions in the WIPO Interim Report, in the event those
recommendations are adopted in the future." 

"ICANN's full consideration of the WIPO recommendations should await the
final WIPO report. However, many of the WIPO recommendations appear to serve
the goals of the accreditation process, particularly where the provisions
also address functional (i.e. non-trademark) needs of the DNS. In these
cases, provisions similar to the WIPO recommendations have been included in
this proposal. These include: 
Prepayment of registration fee

Registration for fixed periods

Excluded SLD names

Written registration agreement required

Contact information

Representation by domain name holder that
use will not infringe third party's legal rights 

Domain name holder's consent to jurisdiction

Suspension, cancellation, or transfer of SLD assigned by mistake or where
there is a dispute."

3. Submission of SLD Holder Data to Registry and Whois Databases.

v. The expiration date of the registration;

Tell me, how do you expect a person to invest their time and money in a
domain name and web presence if you're going to take their domain name away
from them after two years?