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Pledging Allegiance to ICANN


Q2. Are there any reasons why resellers should be accredited? 

Are there any reasons why *registrars* should be accredited?

I have just finished reading these draft guidelines,
and I must say that they are entirely consistent with
those who have been predicting that ICANN will build
a system of contracts with all Internet users.

In some ways, it is as if ICANN will be granting 
citizenship to Netizens who agree with certain terms
and conditions as specified in their contracts.  

To grant Netizenship, however, ICANN must be in the
loop for the entire registration process.  They must 
be able to specify the rules, and they must be able 
to verify who is actually registering.

These draft guidelines accomplish this by strictly
controlling who can register, what information is
required, and how that information belongs to ICANN.
It also specifies how ICANN is to assess taxes, and
who will be empowered to collect those assessments.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.  What's
bad is ICANN's refusal to describe their true agenda,
and their making these decisions behind closed doors.

Now that their true agenda is on the table, I once
again call on ICANN to open up their Board meetings,
and to proceed with the input of the diverse, world-
wide Internet community.



Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.  
404-943-0524  http://www.iperdome.com