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Re: [IFWP] Re: [bwg-n-friends] Re: Bay Area meeting with Esther

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

> On 19-Mar-99 jeff Williams wrote:
> >  William and all,
> >    Indeed this is true.  But it could be made to LOOK differently in a court
> >  of law.  Couple that with the fact that Chris dropped his case, will weigh
> >  to some unknown degree on the judges mind, should Chris and IOD,
> >  decides to revisit this matter in court.  BTW, I doubt that they will.
> >  Also,
> >  BTW, I offered to Chris at one point some very good legal assistance
> >  from our corp attny's and my personal Atty as well..  Chris never,
> >  curiously responded.  Rather he felt that his, shall we say, somewhat
> >  limited
> >  legal talent would be more than sufficient.  However as we now of course
> >  know, some change of attitude prevailed.....
> Personally, Jeff, I think your offers are like most you make....for some reason
> they end up vaporizing at the last moment.  This has been well documented by
> members of these forums.  It is why many refuse such offers from you out of
> hand.  Your credibility is not very high.

  Well documented what William?  I have made no agreements on
any public forum to my knowledge.  In addition it would be against
my companies policy to do so, ad as they get every post that
I get as well as make, I am sure by now I would have been made aware
of such things.  I have not.

  Your well known fame for making such false aspersions towards others
is well known, however as is you fraudulent and wrongful appropriations
of others funds, such as the outstanding situation at .TJ registry...

> >    Not just myself said this WIlliam.  Again you are making an assumption
> >  that is not in evidence, with respect to this situation and your comment
> >  here.
> >  For purposes of enlightening you WIlliam, I will now inform you that
> >  many legal people that I have direct contact with have looked into this
> >  matter
> >  at my request, and on my nickel, and this is their collective general
> >  opinion
> >  as well.  A few of them are quite well known Atty's, and one has NEVER
> >  lost a case for his clients to date in about 30 yrs...
> Were they classmates of yours at SMU?   :)  sorry, Jeff, this doesn't fly here.

  No none of them are classmates of mine.  Most are much older than I am.
None are graduates of any Texas based university.

> > > And I really do think that
> > > it does.  And I think others more learned in this area of law than me or
> > > you
> > > (despite your proven false claim of a law degree from SMU) will agree.
> >
> >    See my above comment to this less than factual comment.
> uh-huh

  Do you also have a speech impediment as well WIlliam???

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> "We may well be on our way to a society overrun by hordes
> of lawyers, hungry as locusts."
> - Chief Justice Warren Burger, US Supreme Court, 1977


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