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Re: [IFWP] Re: [bwg-n-friends] Re: Bay Area meeting with Esther

On 19-Mar-99 jeff Williams wrote:
>    Well documented what William?  I have made no agreements on
>  any public forum to my knowledge.  In addition it would be against
>  my companies policy to do so, ad as they get every post that

Oh so now there are multiple companies?  Do they also have mysteriously
unlocatable corporation filings?

Or did UTD not teach you about possessives?  I think you might have meant
Company's but I have to take you at your word (since you always say what you
mean) and assume you mean multiple companies and just forgot the apostrophe at
the end.

>  I get as well as make, I am sure by now I would have been made aware
>  of such things.  I have not.

If they existed, I am sure they would of made you aware of it.  As everyone
else but you well knows, INEG does not exist.  Perhaps one of the other
"companies" you insinuate above might possibly exist....(perhaps one that as a
P and a G in its initials?...)
>    Your well known fame for making such false aspersions towards others
>  is well known, however as is you fraudulent and wrongful appropriations
>  of others funds, such as the outstanding situation at .TJ registry...

No, not well known for that at all Jeff.  I have never done anything you
mention in this paragraph.  You on the other hand............
> > Were they classmates of yours at SMU?   :)  sorry, Jeff, this doesn't fly
> > here.
>    No none of them are classmates of mine.  Most are much older than I am.
>  None are graduates of any Texas based university.

But you were, right?  It is such a mystery that SMU says authoritatively

> > > > And I really do think that
> > > > it does.  And I think others more learned in this area of law than me
> > > > or
> > > > you
> > > > (despite your proven false claim of a law degree from SMU) will agree.
> > >
> > >    See my above comment to this less than factual comment.
> >
> > uh-huh
>    Do you also have a speech impediment as well WIlliam???

All I see from you Jeff, is summed up in a phrase another participant coined
with regard to you.


E-Mail: William X. Walsh <william@dso.net>
Date: 19-Mar-99
Time: 22:15:29
"We may well be on our way to a society overrun by hordes
of lawyers, hungry as locusts."
- Chief Justice Warren Burger, US Supreme Court, 1977