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Re: [IFWP] Re: [bwg-n-friends] Re: Bay Area meeting with Esther

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

> On 19-Mar-99 jeff Williams wrote:
> >    Well documented what William?  I have made no agreements on
> >  any public forum to my knowledge.  In addition it would be against
> >  my companies policy to do so, ad as they get every post that
> Oh so now there are multiple companies?


>  Do they also have mysteriously unlocatable corporation filings?

Nothing mysterious at all.  The fact that you seem to have a problem
in locating accurate information is a problem of your own.

> Or did UTD not teach you about possessives?  I think you might have meant
> Company's but I have to take you at your word (since you always say what you
> mean) and assume you mean multiple companies and just forgot the apostrophe at
> the end.

  No mistake at all WIlliam.  See above comment.

> >  I get as well as make, I am sure by now I would have been made aware
> >  of such things.  I have not.
> If they existed, I am sure they would of made you aware of it.  As everyone
> else but you well knows, INEG does not exist.

ROFLMAO!!!  WOOOAHAHAHA!!!!  Yeah right william!  not

> Perhaps one of the other
> "companies" you insinuate above might possibly exist....(perhaps one that as a
> P and a G in its initials?...)

  No, no P or G as initials.  One does have the letter "G" in as part of it's name

though!  >;)

> >    Your well known fame for making such false aspersions towards others
> >  is well known, however as is you fraudulent and wrongful appropriations
> >  of others funds, such as the outstanding situation at .TJ registry...
> No, not well known for that at all Jeff.  I have never done anything you
> mention in this paragraph.  You on the other hand............

  Hummmmm?  That is not what your fromer employer stated clerly
William...  Shall I repost that little piece of info again???

> > > Were they classmates of yours at SMU?   :)  sorry, Jeff, this doesn't fly
> > > here.
> >
> >    No none of them are classmates of mine.  Most are much older than I am.
> >  None are graduates of any Texas based university.
> But you were, right?  It is such a mystery that SMU says authoritatively
> otherwise......

  It is ashame that you have a poor relationship with the truth William.

> > > > > And I really do think that
> > > > > it does.  And I think others more learned in this area of law than me
> > > > > or
> > > > > you
> > > > > (despite your proven false claim of a law degree from SMU) will agree.
> > > >
> > > >    See my above comment to this less than factual comment.
> > >
> > > uh-huh
> >
> >    Do you also have a speech impediment as well WIlliam???
> All I see from you Jeff, is summed up in a phrase another participant coined
> with regard to you.
> Deja-Moo.

  DO you as well as Ellen, have a language problem as well?  How
awful for you!!!  :(

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