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Re: Comments

Dan, I second your comments djf

At 4:46 PM -0700 8/22/99, Dan Lynch wrote:
>Folks, I thank the initial bord for all of its efforts.  Holding meetings
>all over the world is a tough business and you are all volunteers.  Again,
>thank you.  I would think that you would work as swiftly as you could to
>bring the composition of the board to a democratically constituted board.
>When the original announcement came out I was suprised at the one year term
>that was stated.  Far too short to get something like this started.  Of
>course you are getting potshots from various quarters for activities and
>policies you are developing and I amy even agree with some of the potshots,
>but do not despair and do not shirk your agreed upon duty to develop a long
>term organizational structure that has input from the huge constituency
>that the Internet has become.
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