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Director Terms

When combined with the attempts to disenfranchise the greater parts of the
Internet population, the move to escape any measures of accountability, the
secretive nature of the corporation, this move to extend the terms of an
unelected, unaccountable board appears to be an attempt to establish an
authoritarian oligarchy.

The performance of this organization to date has been abysmal. The fact that
the Interim (or initial, or virgin birth) board members have failed to
accomplish the task of creating mechanisms to  elect their successors
is -not- a reason to extend their terms.

If anything, it is a reason to replace them sooner, rather than later,
before even more damage is done.

Thank you for allowing me to place a veneer of legitimacy on an otherwise
rigged process.

David Schutt
Speco, Inc.
Schiller Park IL USA