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Re: Director's terms


        (ii) in advance of each Board meeting, a notice of the
         fact and time that such meeting will be held and, to the
         extent known, an agenda for the meeting. If reasonably
         practicable the Board shall post notices of special meetings
         of the Board at least fourteen (14) days prior to the

I appreciate that this does *not say that the agenda for a board 
meeting should be posted 14 days prior. Nevertheless, I 
recommend to the Board that it amend the Bylaws to make such a 
condition pertain to items (such as the present Resolution) for 
which comments are solicited. It would be nice to have more than 4 
days notice, even of foregone conclusions. 

For the present, I look forward to reading in the minutes a 
statement explaining precisely why the process referred to in 
Article V, Section 4(iv) has not yet been implemented. I believe the 
intention of the DoC White Paper is clear, that seating of an 
elected At Large Directorate was to have high priority on the Interim 
Board's agenda. By failing to do this, ICANN is duplicating the 
shortcomings of the gTLD-MoU. 

kerry miller