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Discussino of Constituency Formation

Should the initial DNSO Constituencies currently identified as "ccTLD
registries" and "gTLD registries" be re-categorized as "open registries"
and "closed registries," identified according to whether the registry is
open to any registrant, worldwide ("open"), or is instead limited to
certain registrants based on geography, intended use, or other criteria

IMHO, the whole constituency model should be revisited and scrapped, but as
it appears ICANN is wedded to that structure, then one constituency should
be named for "TLD infrastructure" or "registries".  It shouldn't matter
whether they are gTLD or ccTLD, because both types reside at the top of the
domain name hierarchy and thus fully represent that level of the pyramid.
This approach avoids deciding whether the slice the TLD pie by geography
(ccTLD/gTLD) or by use (closed/openTLD) or by some other category that has
yet to emerge.

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