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comment on the Rules for UDNDRP

     Dear sirs:
     This is a comment on the paragraph 4(b) of the Rules for Uniform 
     Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
     Paragraph 4(b) provides; If the Provider finds the complaint not to be
      in compliance with the Policy and these Rules, it will promptly 
     notify the Complainant and the Respondent of the fact of the and the 
     reasons for that finding. The administrative proceeding will be deemed
      dismissed ---
     I wonder this dismissal of the proceeding takes place by such 
     notification of the fact and reasons even if such non-compliances are 
     in only minor formalistic matters that can be easily curable in short 
     time. How about having a procedure that allow the complainant an 
     opportunity to amend the proceeding in a given time before decision of
      dismissal is made.
     Atsuo Torii
     Intellectual Property Group
     Hitachi, Ltd.
     E-mail: torii@cm.head.hitachi.co.jp