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ICANN's Dispute Resolution Procedure Policy

Dear Mr Evans

Thank you for your comments, posted on the ICANN UDRP comments archive.

I am a South African lawyer, currently under instructions to obtain
exclusive use of a domain name, which appears to have been registered by a
so-called "cybersquatter", for a large SA corporate, which has had its
trademarks registered in South Africa some time ago. I am not at liberty to
disclose the name of the corporate at present. 

As the domain name under discussion was registered in the .com gTLD, I
assume the domain name to fall under ICANN's authority.

I have two questions which I am not able to find an answer to:
*	What is the present dispute resolution policy under which a person
may lodge a complaint?
*	Is the UDRP currently under discussion intended to have
retrospective power (i.e., will it have jurisdiction over a domain name
registered prior to the anticipated final adoption of the presently-mooted

I sent an email enclosing the second question to the comments archive for
posting, but it has not been reflected. I notice another person complains of
not having his/her comments posted. Is there a filtering process for

Many thanks for your attention,
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