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I was actually looking around the web to see what happened to the ".us"
domain and whether you can register those or not. I stumbled upon ICANN,
and I am simply amazed that it exists and how out-of-the-spotlight it
is. I also liked this :
 "Q. Will ICANN reimburse expenses for participants in advisory
committees, including the Membership Advisory Committee?

    A.  Pending the identification of an ICANN funding mechanism and the
actual receipt of funds, ICANN's resources to support meeting and travel
expenses of its committees is very limited.  We ask that committee
members assist us by assuming personal responsibility for their travel
expenses, if possible.  ICANN will consider reimbursing reasonable
expenses, but since we have no money yet, we cannot guarantee complete
reimbursement.  To reduce travel costs, committees will conduct much of
their business via phone and the Internet, and ICANN will facilitate
participation in face-to-face meetings as necessary. "

 So, i doubt this is going out to the right address, but maybe you could
tell me how i could find out about the ".us" domain and what's up with
it? And how did ICANN chose those registrars for .com . net and .org?
And why are they mostly in the US?