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Re: whois changes (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 15:07:22 -0700
From: Owen DeLong <owen@DeLong.SJ.CA.US>
Subject: Re: whois changes

Absolutely, but I think this brings up a bigger issue...

This is basically another attempt by NSI to claim they own the
data contained in WHOIS.  This concerns me much more than the
arbitrary and cavalier way they make changes.


> You agree that you will not reproduce, sell, transfer, or 
> modify any of the data presented in response to your search request, or 
> use of any such data for commercial purpose, without the prior 
> express written permission of Network Solutions.
> The verbage change broke my script, only because of sloppy programming on my
> part, but.... Since whois'es sometimes close before you get the entire
> report, I needed a way to know I got the entire message.
> This effect anyone else? Anyone else in favor of a "HEADS-UP" from
> networksolutions before these take place? :)
> Kevin Day
> DragonData