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The attempt of ISOC to co-opt the NCDNHC before it is formed

The message below has been intercepted from the ENRED mailing list.
It demonstrates clearly the illicit methods being used by ISOC to
co-opt the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders constituency, take
control of it, and exclude others from participating.

This constituency has not been formed yet, and neither David Maher,
nor ISOC, nor anyone else has a mandate as its organizers. The ENRED
list and the others that ISOC has access to or which they have
created are limited to primarily their members, and in no way are
available to the wider community. David Maher himself is a trademark
lawyer, a representative of IBM, and a commercial domain name user,
and as such has no legitimate claim to even participate in the
NCDNHC, much less organize it. Furthermore, he and his organization
cannot lawfully hold elections, nor even nominations, before the
membership of the constituency has been ascertained and approved;
and the ICANN board itself has stated publicly that elections for
the Names Council will not be held in Berlin, much less before

The outrageously unfair and undemocratic tactics being used by this
man and his organizations - POC, CORE, and ISOC-, tactics which
border dangerously on a sort of fascism, must disqualify him and
them from any further participation in this process.

Subject: [Enred-DNSO] Non-commercial Domain Name Holders
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 21:22:16 -0500
From: "David W. Maher" <dwmaher@IBM.NET>
To: NCDNSO@listserv.isoc.org

To the organizations forming the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders

As you know, ICANN has scheduled its next Board of Directors Meeting
Berlin on May 24-25, 1999. Details and the agenda are posted at the
ICANN web site:

A meeting room for each of the constituency groups, including the
non-commercial group, has been reserved at the Adlon Hotel on
Tuesday, 25 May, and the first meeting of the DNSO General Assembly
has been scheduled for the afternoon of 25 May at the hotel.

It would be helpful to know in advance who plans to attend the
meetings. If each organization could respond to this message with a
list of representatives planning to attend the meetings, we can post
the list on the NCDNHSO web site.

If the Non-commercial constituency is to have an effective voice, we
should also elect interim  Names Council members before the Berlin
meeting. Nominations should be made to this list so that an election
can be held by email on 21 May.

This is my nomination for election to membership in the Interim
Council of the Non-commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency:

Name: David W. Maher
Address: dwmaher@ibm.net