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It has come to my attention that I may have mislead some people on the
list. In a message posted on 11 June, 1999 I made a comment about Internet
Services Corporation (ISC). See the post at

In the third paragraph I stated that "...told me they bought the .cc suffix
from the Cocos Islands." That line should have read "...told me they are
authorized as a registrar to sell the .cc suffix from the Cocos Islands."
There is quite a difference and my original post did not make that clear.

Although it is indeed true, neither ICANN or IANA responded to the question
of whether they authorized ISC to sell the domain as ISC claims. I have
corresponded with Garth Miller at netlogistics.cc and he helped clarify
some of the issues for me and was most helpful.

It is clear that ISC is among several registrars authorized by the Cocos
(Keeling) Islands to sell the .cc domain. It is my understanding that the
Cocos (Keeling) Islands receive a portion of the registration fee to
upgrade the internet services to the residents of the Islands. 

However moot the point may now be, one fact remains unchanged. Neither IANA
or ICANN has provided a straight forward answer to the my original post. I
still find this disturbing.

The balance of the post (and comments referenced in it) are still correct
to my knowledge. 
Dave Lenweaver
Lenweaver A+D
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