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Re: More AOL/Arent Fox intimidation

Russ and all,

  Russ, I couldn't agree with your conclusion more.  Let me know
if there is any way that Ic an assist you in your endeavors regarding this
despicable and terrible behavior from AOL and Arrant Fox.  I am sure that
our legal staff can be helpful.  I will forward this post to them as well...

  To expand just a bit here, it seems that the ICANN is not overseeing it's
"Test Bed" registrars very well, namely AOL most recently.  It is time that
the NTIA start getting out the whip and chair and get ICANN in line...

domainiac wrote:

> I just received another report that AOL is using Arent Fox to try to
> intimidate domain owners with the term "digital city" within the domain.  In
> this case the domain is not even configured and, as far as I can tell, is
> not used in commerce and cannot trigger the Lanham Act.  Of course facts
> won't stop Arent Fox and AOL from making phony threats.
> I am preparing a series of bar association complaints against arent fox and
> we are going to look into challenging their mark for this type of behavior.
> Crooked lawyers never cease to amaze me.  It is time for some criminal
> charges if the DC Bar is going to support this type of fraud.
> Russ Smith
> http://consumer.net

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