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Re: [IFWP] catch 22? - Not hardly

Jeff and all,

Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Jeff Williams wrote:
> > Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:
> > > On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Gordon Cook wrote:
> > > Jim, Esther, Mike and the remainder of the gang will not use whatever
> > > control they do have because the reprocussions would be fatal.
> >
> >   I believe you mean Joe, Esther, and Mike here.  But none the less, here
> > I don't agree.  They have already tried and are to some extent have used
> > their influence to force policies upon the stakeholders that are not
> > supported by them.  The "Accreditation Policy" for instance, is just one example.
> I disagree.  They are doing their jobs to the best of their ability in
> order to meet their respective mandates.

  I don't agree completely here either.  ICANN's and NSI's mandate is to
meet the terms of the White Paper and the MoU.  Neither of them are
doing that currently, not even close.

>  I agree they have stepped on a
> few toes.  But they have too, their mandates are in conflict with existing
> reality.  And policy issues are irrelevant to the goal, which is, and
> always has been - who controls the internet - or in terms we all
> understand - who runs dot.

  Mandate's are most certainly relevant.  It is which ones and how they
are formulated that is in conflict here.  And this is one area that I do
agree with NSI vs ICANN.

> > > Whoever
> > > makes the first move will by default be thrown off the party boat and lose
> > > whatever control they did have.  If this were to ever happen internet
> > > users would receive a quick education and they would be fried alive and
> > > this process forever lost.
> >
> >   This sounds good, or safe, but is not realistic.
> why not?

  The stakeholders by in large are apathetic, that is the main reason why...

> > > At this time control of the internet is distributed to 150,000 entities
> > > who control the root pointers.  I think it's time to ask them what they
> > > think.
> >
> >   They have been ask, and several times...  Where have you been?
> Unofficially I am aware of the process.  Officially I am not.  NSI
> understands this.  That's why their spamming their whois lists.

  Well I haven't been spammed yet!  >;)  Neither have any of my

>  It's the
> standard marketing response to increase awareness.  Perfectly acceptable
> behavior for a corporation to maintain relations with it's client base.

 To a point, yes.

> > > But before we do that, the quality of the discussion in these conferences
> > > must improve.  ICANN's survival depends on it.
> >
> >   ICANN's survival, in it's present form is questionable at best...
> At this rate it does not look good, and the destabilization which is
> occurring at this time could cause serious problems to the
> infrastructure.  You I, can not can icann, but the internet can.
> Regards
> Jeff Mason
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